Miffy helps parents ‘capture the moment’!

New photo cards from Milestone™ Cards to remember those special events in childhood

Launching this month, a new range of photo cards featuring Miffy the bunny. This is the newest range from the successful company Milestone™ Cards, the number 1 selling baby gift product on Amazon.co.uk.

The Milestone™ Cards, Miffy edition are easy to use. Whether taking a pregnancy selfie, photographing your new born, or recording your child’s first steps, just pick the relevant card and photograph it with your child. It is the perfect way to remember that special moment in years to come.

The brainchild behind the cards is Dutch mum, Gemma Broekhuis who wanted to remember the first time her son rolled over. She wrote a card, added the date and took a picture of her son with it. This started the idea for the original Milestone™ baby cards, which have won multiple international awards and are now sold in 11 languages in 36 countries.

This new range honours the 60th anniversary of Dick Bruna’s iconic character, and features numerous adorable illustrations of the much loved bunny.

The Miffy range includes Milestone™ pregnancy cards, Milestone™ baby cards and Milestone™ mini cards., all available from UK parenting specialist BORN, www.borndirect.com:

Milestone™ pregnancy cards, BornDirect.com, £12.99

The first kick, your growing belly, pregnancy cravings, the little one’s room; document all these highlights and enjoy them for years to come. Each giftbox contains 30 photo cards to capture and remember your pregnancy and your baby’s first weeks.

Milestone™ baby cards, BornDirect.com, £12.99

When did your baby first smile? Or sit? Or walk? Capture these special moments by adding the date and photographing the card with your little one. Each box contains 30 photo cards to capture and remember your baby’s first year. Just pick the relevant card and photograph with your child.

Milestone™ mini cards, BornDirect.com, £11.99

How many times do your children say something funny and you think: “I should write that down”? This gift set contains 100 unique illustrated photo cards for recording all the quirky unexpected things your kids say and do everyday. Just fill in the card and then photograph with your child.

All the Milestone™ products are produced on FSC paper with eco friendly ink and printed in Belgium/

For more product and company information about Milestone™ Cards: http://www.milestonecards.com

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About Miffy

This is the UK Official Online Press Office for Miffy

Dutch artist, Dick Bruna created the classic children's character, Miffy, in 1955 whilst on a rainy seaside holiday in North Holland. A little bunny kept hopping around the garden of his holiday home - he sketched it by day and at night Dick Bruna made up stories about it to entertain his one year old son. That bunny later became Miffy.

More than 60 years later, there are 33 storybooks about Miffy, which have sold over 85 million copies and are translated in more than 50 languages. Now published in the UK by Simon and Schuster, 16 Miffy storybooks have been refreshed for a modern British audience by award winning poet, Tony Mitton and are available from all good bookshops.

There is Miffy merchandise sold across 5 continents, a new TV series and a movie. Celebrations for Miffy's anniversary will take place worldwide throughout 2015.

The publishing and international rights to Miffy are managed by Mercis bv in Amsterdam.