Miffy Turns 60 in 2015

Dick Bruna’s iconic children’s character reaches milestone 

Miffy, the white bunny character from the children’s picture books, created by Dutch Artist Dick Bruna in 1955, turns 60 on June 21st this year.

Miffy is a simple, hand drawn rabbit with long white ears, two dots for eyes and a cross-shaped mouth. Now published in more than 50 languages, the Miffy stories – which explore universal childhood experiences – have sold more than 85 million copies worldwide.

60 Seconds of Miffy Video

To celebrate Miffy’s birthday in 2015, Bruna’s Dutch publishing company, Mercis bv, has released a short one minute film which showcases the most iconic Miffy illustrations from the last 60 years. The project involved sifting through thousands of images to find and distil the very essence of Dick Bruna’s much loved icon.

You can see this video here: http://youtu.be/qGbuFCgdKCs

’60 Seconds of Miffy’ shows how Miffy has developed over time; at the beginning Bruna drew his character like a soft toy with floppy ears and unsymmetrical features, but quite soon he changed the shape making the body more human like, the head rounder, and the ears longer and pointed. Around 1970 Dick Bruna decided that Miffy would be a girl bunny, because he preferred drawing dresses to trousers. Over the subsequent decades, the silhouette and features have become more rounded and softer, although the stark contrast of Bruna’s bold lines against a white or coloured background remains constant.

“This video shows why, as an iconic character, Miffy’s enduring appeal lies in her simple, timeless design - recognised and loved by adults and children worldwide over the last six decades.„ Marja Kerkhof, Managing Director at Mercis bv

60th celebratory events in 2015 are taking place worldwide, including exhibitions, a new musical and TV show, commemorative stamps, floral displays and children’s parties. In the UK, Miffy is partnering with special care baby charity Bliss, to raise funds for the one in nine babies and their families that require its support every year.

The classic Miffy storybooks have been republished in the UK by Simon and Schuster in the run up to Miffy’s 60th. These have been updated for the modern age and contain new translations by award-winning poet Tony Mitton. The republished books include some of the most iconic Miffy titles including: miffy, miffy at the zoo, miffy at the gallery, miffy’s birthday and miffy’s garden. miffy, the first book in the series, won Best Classic Book in the Junior Design Awards 2014. To preserve the classic innocence of the brand, the Miffy book titles are always written in lower case.

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About Miffy

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Dutch artist, Dick Bruna created the classic children's character, Miffy, in 1955 whilst on a rainy seaside holiday in North Holland. A little bunny kept hopping around the garden of his holiday home - he sketched it by day and at night Dick Bruna made up stories about it to entertain his one year old son. That bunny later became Miffy.

More than 60 years later, there are 33 storybooks about Miffy, which have sold over 85 million copies and are translated in more than 50 languages. Now published in the UK by Simon and Schuster, 16 Miffy storybooks have been refreshed for a modern British audience by award winning poet, Tony Mitton and are available from all good bookshops.

There is Miffy merchandise sold across 5 continents, a new TV series and a movie. Celebrations for Miffy's anniversary will take place worldwide throughout 2015.

The publishing and international rights to Miffy are managed by Mercis bv in Amsterdam.